Our prices
Day trips om horse kr 1200,- pr horse
Riding trip to Vikastølen kr 800,- pr horse. Recommended to ride in the evening to enjoy the beautiful evening atmosphere in the mountains.
Horseback riding around the village kr 350,- pr hour
Horseback riding across the mountains on request and we make trip tailor made for the individual.
Rent of the Oldhouse:
Mai - october kr 5600,- pr week - kr 8600,- for 14 days
November - april kr 4960,- pr week - kr 8400,- for 14 days
Weekend Friday - Sunday kr 1800,-
Price pr day kr 1000,-
Pets kr 100,- pr day
Bed linen rental NOK 100, - per person
Towels NOK 50, - per set.
The house must be clean bwefore departure or cleaning can be ordered for kr 600, -